Frustrated with your current EHR?

Over the last six months many of our clients approached us expressing their frustration with their current EHR program. Are you happy with your EHR? Are you looking to migrate to a new vendor? Do you think all programs are the same? Are you worried about the cost and anxiety of switching EHR programs? Are you worried about needing a new server and having yet ANOTHER old server sitting beside your new one?

These were all questions and concerns that our clients had expressed. So we set forth to find a solution. We thoroughly examined ALL the reputable EHR vendors. We sat through countless demo's and webinars. We examined all the features. We found some great programs that weren't written specifically for podiatry. We found podiatry specific programs that weren't mature or stable enough. After reviewing over ten of the top EHR programs within the field of podiatry and beyond, we found one that we can truly say we believe in. IMS, by 1st Providers Choice! Watch a demo below.

1st Providers Choice was the company, above all, who impressed us the most. We selected 1st Providers Choice as our partner within the field of podiatry for a number of compelling reasons. 1st Providers Choice is a family owned vendor who has been in business since 1983. With over 5,000 practices using 1st Providers Choice and over 1,200 podiatrists, we know that 1st Providers Choice is stable with a solid business foundation and we know they will be around for a long time. Additionally, their staff and support are extremely personable, professional and approachable. We personally deal with everyone from the owner down on a regular basis and never have communications issues and are never left with uncertainty or doubt regarding any issue. Additionally, from our experience with 1st Providers Choice, their character and moral compass is commendable and in line with our own. As a former United States Marine who cherishes the core values of the corps, character and ethics are two of the most important aspects that I look for in a potential vendor. After all, an EHR program is only as good as the people behind it.

At Black Bear Technology, we are currently working with 1st Providers Choice on a number of migrations from other EHR providers. Each migration has been simple and seamless. Each client being migrated has had nothing but praise with the people, the process and the software. During the initial software demonstration, client response is always extremely positive. If you'd like to see the demo for yourself, please contact us directly and we can arrange a personal demonstration of the software for you. Additionally, through Black Bear Technology, you will receive special pricing should you choose to migrate over to IMS, by 1st Providers Choice.

To date the benefits of IMS and the positive feedback that we have received from our clients has been impressive. Our clients are impressed with the features that are included in the software such as a patient portal, which other vendors charge extra for. The stability of the software and lack of errors, the speed of the software with no waiting in between clicks or tasks. The ease of learning the software and using it. The difference between the billing module of IMS compared to others is like 'night and day' according to our clients. But most of all, what our clients are most impressed with is the amount of data that can be migrated over from thier previous EHR. There is NO NEED with IMS to keep your old EHR running, to purchase a new server or to continue to pay for support from your old EHR vendor. IMS can migrate practically 100% of your data to their software from your previous EHR. As one doctor stated after recently watching the demo, 'WOW, this is a big boy EHR program!'

From voice integration and compatibility with tablets and smart phones, to the built in fax server, to the integrated patient portal, to the interface between IMS and other vendors like 20/20 Xray Imaging and Hippocratic Solutions Billing, IMS is truly the most impressive EHR program that we have seen within the field of podiatry!

Please contact Black Bear Technology today so we can discuss your migration to IMS by 1st Providers Choice!

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